Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pull me into your Perfect Circle

Hello my friends!!!!

How have you been? I've been doing many fun things! One of which wasn't BIG DAY OUT! WOO! Oh wait I said wasn't :P Tool was there, and Tool are amazing. Actually Maynard is amazing. I'm a big Maynard fanboy, so obviously I have been even more obsessed since he came and went and I didnt even get to hear him sing *sobs*.

So anyway, obsessively searching him on the intraweboland, I came across a pretty rendition of 3 Libras (by A Perfect Circle, a band Maynard also waves his magical Maynardness on), and I figured why not try and sing it! The only issue is I've dont have any recording equipment so I just sang softly into my laptop and tried to make some dynamics with harmonies. Here is the end result! What do you think? :)


Hey you know how I'm always all like "yeah but I'm totally el-grosso in real life"? Well, I think it's time you saw the real me, no makeup, no photo-chop, but brace yourself. I look like your regular doochebag!

Are you ready?

Reaaaaaly ready?

Are you sure you want to see this?

I dont want your fantasasies of how awesome I may or may not be to be ruined. TURN BACK NOW!

Are you sure?? If you keep scrolling, you cant unsee this you know.

Aaaaalright, you asked for it!

(screaming noises)

Haha! Sorry, it had to be done :P This is me really really. Be kind ok? *grits teeth clecnhes fists and squeezez her eyes shut*

(screaming noises)

Hey! To quickly change the topic, totally look at how cool my workstation set up is at work! How awesome is this!!!!!!!!! I'm like, the luckiest Cubical Warrior in the WHO-E-O-E-O-E-OLE world! (No I'm seriously I am really insanely lucky)

It's time for! [Trumpet Noises]....


This is the best thing ever: (no exageration)

And I dont know if you've been alive for the last year or not, but Zach Anner is BACK! And still giantly hilarious :D I got some huge belly laughs out of this one.

WELL! How was THAT for a BLOG ATTACK! RaNdOm CaPiTaLs!

I'd better let you get on with your daily life now. You know, the normal kind. The one without the constant irritation that is Ammageddon :) I'll leave you with another pic from the nun set :)

Speak to you soon my good friends :)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blasphaspazz! and Animeee!

Hello my friends!

Oh dear! It took me a long time to get this to you! I'm sorry! I hope you guys dont mind :)

Here's another song! This one was a bit of a parody written to the Gurren Lagann theme about how awesome anime is!

Come over, kick off your shoes
Don't you know it's not very far
Anime for me and you, and some loud guitar.

School time, all day each day, special powers hidden away
Only at 30% of their full reiatsu

There's so many who dare to show their underwear
It sends my heart a flutter
The new episode I've always waited for's coming out today

It's Kamina, Yoko, Naruto, Revi, Ichigo
Don't know which to choose for who to be my favorite character
So many flashing lights, so many transformationsu
Hope that if I spin in circles then maybe I'll transform too

Cant wait to watch some more, it is my anime-alu!

Clinging school uniforms, girls explore sexuality
Blood nose, blows me away, its so embarrassing
Dragonballs need to be found
Big mechas lets hide underground
Romance, please hold my hand
It's over 9000

I have downloaded things I didn't know was porn
Been trolled by Dattebayo
I wish I could to a new ani-con every Saturday

It's Kamina, Yoko, Naruto, Revi, Ichigo
Don't know which to choose for who to be my favorite character
So many jutsu signs, so many giant bouncing boobs
Wonder if I get excited then maybe mine will bounce too!

Cant wait to watch some more, it is my anime-alu!

Oh wow please be still my heart
Sit with me, we're almost at my favorite part
Here is where we see, this has all just merely been Suzumiya's dream

It's Kamina, Yoko, Naruto, Revi, Ichigo
Don't know which to choose for who to be my favorite character
So many flashing lights, so many transformationsu
Hope that if I spin in circles then maybe I'll transform too
Cant wait to watch some more, it is my anime-alu!


Other productive things I've been doing aaaare *trumpets* PHOTOS!!!! :D!

I just did a nun set! It's been done i know, and I'm massively sorry if it offends! I didnt mean to be offensive! Just awesome! Can I be awesome? PWEAAAAAAAAAAAASE! :D

I'll try not to take so long next time ^_^

Love you guys loads!


If you want some more of the same set I'll give you some more! It started out with the full outfit and got, well, less? LESS IS MOAARRRRRR so they tell me :P So I'd better go!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well well well, welly welly welly, wellity wellity wellity

Hi friends!

Here is a song of mine! What do you think?

Would you like the lyrics or can you understand me ok? :)

If I sound bitter, its probably because I was :P But I still think it's an awesome song and I hope you like it!!

Twas a dark and windy night upon the morn of my creation of this song. How we laughed. Ha. Ha. we said.

I've been trying to be more ninja, and one of the things ninjas can do are kip flips. So I winded myself in the back about 14 bajillion times and have finally got to the point of not smacking myself in the head! Here's a progress vid :D Any suggestions on how to win? HOW DO I WIN!! BWAOOAGGHHHR! That was a big metal scream. I can only do them on the internet so you have to just hear it as awesome! ok? :D

Sorry the vid is so crappy and tiny! but you get the idea! :D

Are you guys watching Fringe? I really really like this show, and i get the feeling that this is going to be the last season! In a way I hope it ends, i dont want it to go on forever like Lost (also JJ Abrams) but I just want them to be able to finish the story! 

This is really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally pretty and awesome. It goes for 12 minutes and it's totally worth every second!

I'm going to have to say goodbye :( I'm trying to edit together a pole vid for ya! I hope you're going to like it :)

Speak to you soon!


P.S. Numfar's Dance of Joy is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

EDIT: oh DEAR! I forgot to give you a pic! :D 

Friday, December 31, 2010

Would you like some Pound Cake?

Hello everyone! I hope you did something fun for your NYE party! I did! Here's a realistic cartoon rendition:

Whilst being awesomely on the computer like that I found some cool things!

Example the first:
Pretty freaking awesome huh? Huh?

Also, Example the second: I find this massively hilarious to the power of max

I also had a bit of a Buffy/Angel marathon and saw the Ye Olde Spike episode. He's such a giant legend! No spoilers! This is my first time! :D

Aaaaand that was how I spent the rest of 2010. Its strange, I remember it like it was yesterday, but it was a whole year ago.

Its weird that we celebrated Xmas this year though isnt it? I mean I was sure we had one last year!

Here is a video of me doing something stupid at the gym! I'm thinking of making a new workout routine called 'if you let go you're going to get brain damage' or something equally as awesome!

Fun in the SUN!

And here is a wonderful pic I took for you guys a couple of days ago, its Australian, and it's summery, and also xmassy! So I hope you like it :) I'm a fair bit softer than I used to be, but I'm getting there :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good day yesterday! Even if you dont celebrate xmas I hope you just had a wonderful day in general :)

Hey you know what, the other day someone told me nothing rhymes with orange, but it DOESNT!

Here is a video of me being upside down at the gym. It's fun. Those rings are supremo awesomo funno fest! :D

I got something awesome for xmas! want to know what it is? GUESS! :D

When I opened it I scratched at the box and yelled "OH MY GOOOOOOD" in the traditional fashion, dont worry :P

Speaking of, here's the obligatory video of someone being super stoked at Christmas over a console :)

(Whether its real or not it dooeesssnnt matter :) )

As for cool things on the internet, this is a short flash game you should play.

But that was [YESTERDAY]

It's beautiful it really is!

And that's the internet as per me for the day!

I will leave you with another of my pics! This one is from one of my favourite sets. I'm a sailor! YAY! Well I looked more like one earlier in the set... before the moar nakedness! :) I hope you're all wonderful and happy and full of cheese!

And in case you're reading this from Mars - bleeeoo waaaah nitnitnit pooweeeee nafaaarrrtch!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bloggy Blogg

Hello everyone!

This is my interim site til I get my plops together! I hope you like stu-uuf *singsong*

In case you didnt already know I've been off sick for a while (like a bagillion years) and now I'm just taking some time to become more awesome before I put aaaalll of my delicious content up so I can promise you weekly/daily updates later and you love me more! (well that's the plan :P) 

I have here for you a complex training video on the proper way to do a tricep dip. I had to make my own video because there werent any others on the internet!! Insane hey?

Here is a stupid comic I made on a comic strip generator! You guys should try it its awesome fun :)

Hey do you want to hear a hilarious yoke? A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks "Why the long face?" The horse does not respond because it is a horse. It can neither speak nor understand English.It is confused by it's surroundings and gallops out of the bar, knocking over a few tables.

The internet showed me this today,its stupidly awesome and adorable.

I will leave you for now with my favouritest pic. You may or may not have seen it before but I think its great! I will have new ones and new vides (you know proper ones, not me just screwing round at the gym :P) for you soon, just like I said, gotta get my poopeees together.

Speak to you again soon!